I look up to the sky, my eyes squinting from the bright light of the sun. I take in a long drag of my cigarette letting the nicotine overtakes my senses. Smoking always relieves my stress. After I reached the butt of my cigarette, I drop it on the ground sandwiching it between my converse and the cement.

My body was completely numb at this point. I’ve been walking for hours, the scorching heat burning my skin. It felt like it was going to melt off and all I would just be bones. I didn’t want to go home despite it being my first instinct. I knew it would be too dangerous to go back. My mother the suffering alcoholic, my non-existence father not there to support us it was hard growing up. My 6-year-old brother was still in there, but he’s good at hiding from our raging mother.

I had a plan. I had a plan for the both of us. We can’t keep living this way, we were hurting and the abuse was too much to handle. I muster all the confidence in my body and put it into going back to hell.

Working at the cafe for several years did make me some good money, making me save up enough money to rent an apartment. My mother wasn’t fit to take care of us. No one is in fact.

Even if we were to call the police they wouldn’t do shit. They would just put us in the foster care system and that wasn’t going to happen.

Over my dead body.

I walk to the front porch and open the door. No one ever locks it since my mom is too drunk to even remember we have a lock on our door.

“Calpurnia?” My mother called out stumbling down the stairs.


“Where have you been stupid?” she said with absolute disgust.

I scoff. “I went out you drunk.”

“That’s it you, stupid girl.” She says walking towards me grabbing my hair. I yelp in pain trying to loosen her grip but it was no use.

“I’m sick of you treating me this way.” She says. “No girl should treat their mother with such disrespect!” She spat.

I step on her foot making her let go of my hair and nursing her foot. “You don’t just get respect,” I say. “You have to earn it and believe me, mom, you are nowhere near worth my respect,” I say walking away

“Mike!” I yell.

I rummage through the house looking in every hiding spot he’s ever hiding in. “Mikey!” I yell once more at this point panic rising in my chest.

“Cal, I’m right here.” a little whisper said. I follow the voice to under the couch.  I smile as relief floods through my veins. “Hey buddy,” I say holding my hand out for him. “It’s time.”

Mike immediately knew what I meant because this has been both of our plans. Before Mike could take my hand my hair was yet again was being yanked. “Where do you think you’re going?” My mother said. Her breath was reeking of alcohol. I had to stop myself from gagging.

“We,” I emphasize. “Are getting the hell out of here,” I say before punching her in the stomach buying us enough time to grab our things.

“Mikey go get your things hurry!” I say frantically trailing behind him.

“YOU AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE.” my mother screeched trudging up the stairs, but lucky us she was so drunk she couldn’t see straight.

this story was something. it was very dark i will admit but i just started writing and this is where it lead too. i guess what i’m saying is all of my stories are all starting happy and full of sunshine and roses but the world isn’t always like that. some people’s stories begin horribly like Mike and Calpurnia.  i don’t know if any of you want another part that is totally up to you. you can let me know by commenting or something.

if you want you can follow my social medias they are linked down there:

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Have a good night everyone.

see you next time.


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