untitled two

It felt like the air was thicker, my heart was pounding in my chest. Our escape was so close yet so far.

“Quick, Mike in my room,” I say looking behind me to see my mother almost hot on my heels.

As soon as Mike and I were safe in my bedroom I locked the door, slowly backing away. I jump at the sound of pounding against my door.

“You stupid little bitch you open this door, now!” my mother exclaimed still banging on the door.

“Never.” I whisper.

I look over at Mike who’s huddled in the corner of my room whimpering. “Don’t worry Mikey.” I say holding him in my arms. “She won’t be able to get us, not anymore.” I didn’t know if I was reassuring him or myself. I sigh wondering if things will ever look up for us. Now that I’m a legal adult the first thing I’m going to do is get full custody of Mike. It’s going to be hard, but I’m always willing to fight for my brother. He deserves so much more than this, if I could give him the world I would.

Once it became dark out I knew my mother would  have given up and go drink so more. I slowly get up to open the door. I peak out to see that my mother was gone. I heard the TV playing downstairs and I knew for sure she was knocked out cold.

“Mike.” I whisper.  His little head lifts up making is blonde curls fall in front of his eyes. “It’s time.” I say again.

Mike walks over to his room and grabbed his barney knapsack and packed as much clothes as he could. I was doing the same, but with a duffle bag. I didn’t own much clothing which was fine for me because I could pack more clothes for Mike. I grabbed some of the extra cash from under my mattress and walked over to Mike who’s eyes was full of hope and fear.

“Ready bud?” I ask

“Yeah, I think so.” he says in a small voice.

“Okay let’s go.”

We slowly walk down the stairs hoping to not make any noise that might wake my mother up.

We make it too the door quickly putting our shoes on. But before we could even walk out the door we hear.

“Please don’t leave me.”

I turn to see my mother her eyes were filled with tears. “Don’t leave me like your father, I promise I’ll quit.” she says trying to make us stay. She has been saying that line for years.

“We gave you too many chances.” I say holding Mike’s hand and walking out the door.

“Please I’m begging you Calpurnia” She yells from the door. “Micheal please babies I need you.” She sobs. I almost felt bad for her, almost. We walked far enough that my mothers voice was slowly drowning out. All that we could hear were the crickets and out foot steps hitting the pavement.

“I hope she gets better.” Mikey says with a single tear rolling down his face.

“I know me too.” I say in a monotone voice. “Me too.”

i don’t even know if there will be a third part. i honestly didn’t think the first one would get as much likes as it got. thanks to those who read it an enjoyed it i guess. i hope you all had a good day and if you had a bad one, don’t worry tomorrow will get better.

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Have a good night everyone.

see you next time.


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