I’m graduating!

it sounds so weird to me because it doesn’t even feel like it I am, but hey it’s true. I have a few regrets I would like to share before the whole ceremony happens. if any of you are starting out high school are finishing your first year here are some tips from someone who is leaving.

make sure you participate in as many sports and school events as you can. I never joined anything because I thought they were embarrassing and people would have judged me for it. when in all honesty I should have said screw it and have done it anyway.

guys, make as many friends as possible. it doesn’t matter if you have enough friends or you’re too shy, go break out of your shell and have fun. high school is all of about education and fun, but mostly fun. I did one thing right in my 4 years of high school and that was befriending anybody.

now to the education part.

I can’t stress this enough guys but ask questions if you have any. it doesn’t matter if it’s in front of the class or just with the teacher. questions are important it gets you to the right answer.

do not procrastinate 

it will ruin your grade and make you stress and that will lead to bad endings. it’s not hard to keep track of your workload, all you have to do is get an agenda. I know, who uses agendas when you have cell phones. well, cell phones aren’t always reliable so keeping a book with your schedule in it is very good.

when you are where I am today, you will realize that everyone is eventually going their own ways. they say “we will keep in touch!” and “I will never forget you” but in the back of your mind you know they will. which is why you have to enjoy high school as much as you can. there won’t be anything like it trust me.

when I hit college I’ll let all of you know what it’s like. my friends tell me my advice is great and helpful, but they always ask why I never apply it to my life. well, that is because, my friends, I like to help others before I can help myself.

thanks, for reading guys and feel free to share it with anyone who would enjoy this post. I’ll catch you guys later bye.



4 thoughts on “graduation

  1. congratulations!! my second to last post was called “graduation” too, lower case and everything. i was confused at first, bc what’s my own post doing on here?? haha, i like how you included some words of wisdom though.

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