They Ruined Another Book.

We all have seen the movies the Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Fault in our Stars. They were all made beautifully, and a lot of thought and detail went into those films. They were books originally but they were enjoyed so much they made them into films. I have nothing against the films or the fact that they don’t always follow the books. I am upset at the fact that some people take genuinely good books and make them into low-budget films.

I think it was a few months ago I wrote about how one of my favourite books was made into a low-budget film and how they totally made it look stupid. I was so upset that a really good book like Maximum Ride was made to look like a film about bird like children running away from a system they didn’t want to be apart of. When really it was all about adventure, love, independence, and friendship. It was just sad to see that people will just watch this and be like if the film was like this, why should the book be any better?

The reason I’m writing this post is because I watched another low-budget film (no surprise) about one of my other favourite book. It’s called Fallen and it was written beautifully. If you haven’t read it It’s about fallen angels and how they fall in love with mortals but one angel is cursed and his lover gets killed and reincarnated every time. Silly, I know but it’s actually really good maybe you will like it. Anyways, they keep taking these books and make the look stupid. To be honest nobody knows if a movie will make, they just film, put it out there, and cross their fingers and hope it does well. 90% of the movies made from books end up pretty good and both book and movie sales go up.

I just wish someone believed that these two book would make amazing films if they tried hard enough. I’m not saying that the directors and producers didn’t try, I’m saying I wish they had enough believers to help them make it the best film they can.

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I will see you all later




Book Review: Legend -Marie Lu

Hello everybody,

Long time no talk, I missed blogging so much.  School has been such a hassle that I forgot I even had a blog. Today I have a little bit of free time to write a book review. I do have a free period, so I have reading time which is such a blessing because reading textbooks gets kinda boring don’t you think?

You can obviously tell that this will be about a Marie Lu book called Legend. I always say this and it’s true I am HORRIBLE at summarizing things I just tell it backwards and it just plain embarrassing.  So I will link the goodreads website that has a small but brief explanation of the novel.

Lord, this book is pretty good I’m not going to lie, but I did have some small issues with the book. I love the characters, but the book is predictable. It’s a basic love story, not that there is anything wrong with love stories, but random twists to keep you on you’re toes are the ones that are mostly read. There were some interesting things to the book like two different perspectives of the two main characters who is Day and June. I love these character so much like they are so much A like yet they live in different ways like one breaks the rules and one enforces them. I won’t say anything more because who likes spoilers, no one.

I recommend this book to you all it’s a simple book nothing too big or small, but very entertaining to read. I also wanted to talk to y’all and thank you for 500 likes they honestly mean the world to me because likes tell me if you liked my post and having 500 likes is just wow to me. I appreciate every single one of you and blogging is so much fun and is even more fun when you’re sharing and relating to everything that is posted on here.

That’s all I have for you today, but I do have a little surprise you guys. I may have wrote a little story and I think it’s good enough for my blog and I’m so excited to share it with you all.

See you later

~ Infinity

I’m Shook.

Guys, I am BEYOND shook okay.

When I say I didn’t see this coming believe me, I didn’t. Maximum Ride all time favorite series has become a movie and I found out today. I will make a blog post about it later today, but know my mood is i’m shook.


Book Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

Hello everybody, I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. I am so excited to talk about this book  I don’t even  know where to start. First of all, I won’t spoil anything if you are wanting to read this book or are currently reading this book. This was the most interesting novel I have ever read in my entire life. All of you are probably thinking she’s exaggerating, and I probably am but I mean what I said.

Y’all probably want a summary, but I suck at explaining books because I go all over the place, and it’s just a mess so click here to go to another tab for summary.

This book is like no other book because it has FREAKING PICTURES. I know it sounds like a child’s book, but believe me it is a novel for young adults. When I picked this book up I did not put it down, it was just full of photo’s of like the 1940’s. The book was not boring at all it’s full of mystery and it keeps you on the edge of your seat and when something happens your mind just goes WOW.  There is bit of romance here and there, but it’s no the type of novel. The author adds just the right amount of romance, mystery, adventure, etc.

The characters are so peculiar, see what I did there.  I love every single character and the setting and the characters separate stories. I don’t want to say anything that maybe a spoiler, but take the word peculiar seriously for these characters. I will say my favorite character though, and it is Millard. He is such a smart character, and such a suck up to his teacher and what makes him peculiar made me love him more.

I HIGHLY suggest this novel because it’s beautifully written, and the photo’s are phenomenal. You will fall in love with everything about this book 10/10 for sure.

I hope all of you enjoyed this book post, let me know if you read this book and leave your thoughts.

Happy reading


Books I Must Read Before School Starts

Hello everybody, I hope all of you are having a beautiful day.Side note today’s sunset was so beautiful I had to take a picture, the clouds looked like cotton candy and the sky was full of birds it was just breath taking and very tumblr. Anyways I’m not here to talk about sunsets, but I am here to express my need for certain books.  I did do a post about books I need, but I think I deleted it, woops.

Without further ado, let us begin the post. Disclaimer I’m only going to go for 3 books because I will explain why I need this book, and all that.

  1. The Crown – Kiera Cass 

Oh My God. This book has got me in a terrible position. The book before it left me on a MASSIVE cliffhanger, and some news hit me hard before the cliffhanger and I’m not going to lie, I’m afraid someone will die. Which is why I need this book, I need to know, I must know who gets married or who may or may not cheated death.

2. Lady Midnight –  Cassandra Clare

You guys. This author is CRAZY when it comes to writing, but I love it. Cassandra Clare wrote the mortal instruments series, you guys probably saw it on Netflix. The show is called Shadowhunters if you wanted to check it out. The reason as to why I want to read this book because, I loved her previous novels and I feel like this one would be just as good.

3. Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

When I saw my husband, Sam Claflin, on the cover of me before you I kinda stopped breathing. I also like the story line as well, and I am tempted to watch the movie before reading the book. I’m getting a rebel vibe. Do I need to explain myself for my need of this book, I kinda told you about my love for one of my many husbands. I don’t think I do.

Well there you go I told about my feels and my imaginary  love life. Leave your thoughts in the comments, if you like and have a great day.

Happy Reading


Book Review #2: The Heir – Kiera Kass



Hey guys,

I’m back on Infinity 2.0 but I have come prepared with a book review for you all. Let me just go over what has happened in the last 20 days. I was under a bunch of stress because of my school work, and I thought I had no way out. I always thought blogging was a hobby, but then it became something I should do everyday, not because I wanted too, but because I had too. So, it felt like more of a job rather than for fun and I didn’t like that so I put it a side, and decided to just remind myself why I hit that create button. I did, and I’m happy to say that I will try and post as much as I can for fun and hoping all of you will be satisfied.

Anyways, enough with the soppy beginning and get on with the review.  I read the heir a while back, but I never got around on reviewing it. This book came from a series that I had once reviewed, but is no longer on here. I will try and find it if I can and put it up asap. The heir is more of an aftermath of the series, if I could call it that.

I would normally write a summary, but I can’t because it wouldn’t make sense. I would verbally try and explain what it’s about, but honestly I go all over the place. I have a link to the website Goodreads where they actually explain with no spoilers: The Heir – Kiera Cass

I see this book like the bachelorette, but more dramatic. This princess is your typical I don’t need a prince in my life I can rule on my own kinda princess. This annoyed me so much, but I’m for the I don’t need a guy to do this or make me happy. The thing is I thought she be a more of a Disney princess, rather a stuck up one who thinks shes better because she has title. I felt like she should have made her character more open in the beginning then gets better at using her heart rather then her mind.  You guys probably think this is really dumb, but that’s just how I would like to have seen this book. I did love it and the ending killed me, don’t worry I won’t spoil anything for you. This is a 7/10 (I nearly typed 7/210) for this book for it’s creativity, and most of the characters personalities.  I think my favorite character would have to be Erik who is a translator for one of the bachelors.

This is the longest post ever, but I hope all of you enjoyed it. I know it seemed like I’d be gone for weeks, or even months but I couldn’t  stay away. This blog is a stress reliever and you guys writing nice comments just gives me a confidence boost which is really kind of you all. I feel like I sound like I’m asking for attention when really I’m not, I apologize if I do. AnywaysI hope all of you have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night.

~ Infinity

Book Post #1: Paper Towns


Hey guys,

Today is a special day because this is the first book post on Infinity 2.0. I am really excited because I’m changing things up, and the support is amazing and I thank you all. Let’s get this book post started, and talk John Green.

I am so so so so so late on the reviewing the novel, and just giving an opinion, but I’m going to do it anyway.

John Green is an amazing author and I have nothing against his writing, but his book is kind of dry. I feel as though his storyline are the same, and he needs to make it more interesting to read. When I read the book it took me forever because I really wasn’t as interested as I thought it would be.

The characters were amazing like Quentin and Radar, but Margo was kind of annoying. I didn’t like how he made Margo’s character, she kinda acted bratty, but that’s probably how I see her.

When she just left Quentin there at the end made me kind of made confused. That was a really weird way to end a novel, and that was first time I’ve seen it. I love new endings believe me, it’s just I want to know why?

Why did you choose that type of ending? I’m probably misunderstanding the book, but that’s how I saw it.

Overall the book was very interesting, it’s wasn’t the best thing I read or the worst. If you guys read it let me know your opinions on it. I give this book a 6/10 and that isn’t the worst I gave a book.

I sound so mean in this post, but I really love John Green, but this book didn’t have my attention. Anyway thanks for stopping by see you later.

~ Infinity