I’m graduating!

it sounds so weird to me because it doesn’t even feel like it I am, but hey it’s true. I have a few regrets I would like to share before the whole ceremony happens. if any of you are starting out high school are finishing your first year here are some tips from someone who is leaving.

make sure you participate in as many sports and school events as you can. I never joined anything because I thought they were embarrassing and people would have judged me for it. when in all honesty I should have said screw it and have done it anyway.

guys, make as many friends as possible. it doesn’t matter if you have enough friends or you’re too shy, go break out of your shell and have fun. high school is all of about education and fun, but mostly fun. I did one thing right in my 4 years of high school and that was befriending anybody.

now to the education part.

I can’t stress this enough guys but ask questions if you have any. it doesn’t matter if it’s in front of the class or just with the teacher. questions are important it gets you to the right answer.

do not procrastinate 

it will ruin your grade and make you stress and that will lead to bad endings. it’s not hard to keep track of your workload, all you have to do is get an agenda. I know, who uses agendas when you have cell phones. well, cell phones aren’t always reliable so keeping a book with your schedule in it is very good.

when you are where I am today, you will realize that everyone is eventually going their own ways. they say “we will keep in touch!” and “I will never forget you” but in the back of your mind you know they will. which is why you have to enjoy high school as much as you can. there won’t be anything like it trust me.

when I hit college I’ll let all of you know what it’s like. my friends tell me my advice is great and helpful, but they always ask why I never apply it to my life. well, that is because, my friends, I like to help others before I can help myself.

thanks, for reading guys and feel free to share it with anyone who would enjoy this post. I’ll catch you guys later bye.


the future

Good morning, afternoon, and evening to all of you. Today I wanted to talk about my future and what I’d like to be doing.

Travelling has always been on my list ever since I’ve been to America. I don’t want to travel in little places, but full on travel to a country live there for a while and then move on to the next one. The places I will most likely visit will be:

  • London
  • Greece
  • Croatia
  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • Amsterdam

And those are just places I named from the top of my head. I for sure want a job before any of this, so I plan on finishing college and becoming a nurse. Helping people as what I’ve always wanted to do and being a doctor was too complicated for me so the next best thing was nursing.

Is there any places you want to visit? feel free to let me know in the comments.

Have a great rest of your day 🙂

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fresh start

I’ve come to the realization that none of you guys know who I am. I portray myself as a book-loving nerd who happens to have a blog dedicated to it. I also put out that music is something I cannot go a day without listening too. I am an overall chatty person, who loves to make people smile.

This blog is one of the best things that has happened to me so far. I love how I grew so much over the past couple of years. I think I want to expand my blog to random new things rather than just revolving around books and such. This completely sounds like I’m quitting, which I’m not, by the way, I just want a fresh start here.

I was thinking about re-branding everything on here. My website will forever be called infinity blogs. I will post about books if I manage to finish one. I will keep talking about certain topics and tell you my opinions. I will still suggest music not because you guys would want it but merely because I enjoy it.

If you head over to my website you will see my layout has changed. It didn’t really change all that much but the background was a start. I like writing, I will keep writing but it won’t just won’t be on my blog. I want my writing to be out there and not just on my blog. That is why I’ve been posting on my new wattpad account. I had recently made an account and I’ve been posting one of my stories that I have been working on for years.

I forgot to say my normal intro in the beginning but I’ll just say it now. I hope all of you are having a good day. I hope you all are smiling and are as happy as you can be.

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Have a good night everyone.

see you next time.


Hello everyone reading this post I hope all of you are having an amazing day. Today is such a nice day out for, and its been raining the past few weeks. So it’s nice getting a little bit of sun, though it still is a little chilly outside. I don’t know where this post is going, I just wanted to put something up. I have so much spare time lately that I’m just sitting here and scrolling on twitter (which you can follow me at @infinityxblogs shameless promo) and watching funny vids.

Like I feel the urge to write stories and stuff but I just don’t know where! Like I want everyone to read it and enjoy it and stuff. I’ve been thinking about posting on wattpad, I don’t know for sure yet. People get published on wattpad and I would like to publish a book someday but I just don’t know if anyone would care to read it.

I literally stopped writing to make a wattpad 🙂 so if you want to follow it my account is  @infinityblogs.

I guess I’ll be posting all of my little stories, but I will be sure to keep you posted if I do. I will either tweet it or when I make a blog post and  I’ll link it.

I’m done with this blog post I guess. If you guys have a wattpad account you write in let me know!

I’ll catch you guys later



I literally forgot today was my blogs anniversary. Like I felt like I needed to blog something but I didn’t know what and I get a notification that it’s my anniversary.

To be honest guys, I didn’t think this whole blogging thing would last. I thought I would blog for a month tops, but nope I blogged for 4 years now. I didn’t think I’d reach one follower, but I’m almost at 200. I didn’t think anyone cared about what I post yet people commented. I am so proud of myself and I’m so glad I kept coming back to my blog.

This blog wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the ones that listened. I appreciate all of you and I thank you all so much for standing by me despite my hiatus every month. This blog means so much to me and I consider this my life journey and every time I look back on a post I feel happy and I remember why I wrote this. If anything I still want to talk about books more and films again and talk about other things. I can’t wait for 2017 and I am super excited.

Thanks for sticking by me and I hope Infinity Blogs means as much to as it does to me. 🙂


Facts About Me

Hello everybody I hope all of you are having an amazing day, and you are beyond happy.  Today I wanted to post something, I literally didn’t plan anything I just logged in and started typing and here we are. Well now I figured out what I’m gonna do and you all already know by the title and that is some facts about myself. I know this is a narcissistic post, but I really wanna do it since you all probably only know me as the book loving blog. Anyways my introduction is way too long, so let’s begin.

  1. I chew on ice. I wear braces and I chew ice and I’ll tell you now it’s not a good combo. I have this funny story about my addiction to ice chewing. I was on the phone with my friend and I grabbed some pieces of ice and I started chewing it out of nowhere and all I hear is her screaming. I ask her what was wrong and she said. “Are you chewing bones or something?” I started laughing and till this day I think about out conversation and ask her the same question.
  2. I love photography. If I were good at it I would post pictures but I suck at it, they’re just embarrassing, but regardless I love doing it.
  3. My favourite chocolate are twix bars. I adore them, they’re just yummy and I could just eat a million without feeling sick.
  4. I am a coffee addict. I will never turn down a coffee offer. If you’re those people who put milk instead of cream in their coffee can fight me because I am against that.
  5. I hate nail polish, and acrylic nails. I hate the feeling and if I know I have nail polish on I take it off immediately. Sorry to all of the nail polish lovers.


That’s all I have today I know it was short, but I just felt like posting today. Thanks for reading and leave your thoughts.

See you later

~ Infinity

The Uniquely Me Tag

Hello everybody, how are you? I hope all of you are doing well and are happy.  Today I will be doing tag that I was actually tagged in. Thanks to the lovely Elm, you all are probably following her blog already and if you aren’t what are you doing reading this? Go follow her! I will leave her blog at the end of this post so you can. So let’s get this tag started shall we?

There are rules to this tag, so get on reading. (Creds. To Elm I just copied this from her :D)

1. Thank the person that nominated you for this tag and link to their blog (spread the love, basically).
2. Write as many things that are unique to you as possible: these can be things that you do, say, like or have that make you different to other people or let you stand out. It can be what defines you as a person, a little thing about you that is just simply you or something little known that you think makes you up as a person.
3. Nominate up to 10 bloggers or as many as you like; there isn’t a limit.
4. You can take this tag as seriously or non-seriously as you like; you can laugh whilst doing it or feel contemplative: this is about you, after all.
5. After you’ve written this and if you ever feel like there’s nothing to you but what other people have already said and done, look back to your post and remember that it isn’t true.

Since the rules have been stated let’s get to stating the facts.

  • I am a shy yet loud person. I am so so so quiet when I am around new people I will make myself as unnoticeable as possible. But when they decide to become my friend a wild beast takes the shy girls place. I am loud, and I am jittery its quite hilarious.
  • I like to eat everything with ketchup. DO NOT MAKE FUN OF ME UNTIL YOU HAVE TRIED IT. I will not eat anything without ketchup, it’s too hard for me.
  • I am double jointed in my thumbs, I can bend them back and my thumbs in a  90 degree angle. Most people get freaked out when I do it but it only happened because I read to many books and my thumbs got in the way that I bent them too far.
  • I am the type of person to help you even if I don’t know you. I would ask if you are alright or if you needed help because If I were in their shoes I would want to be helped.
  • I may seem positive and upbeat everyday, but it’s not like that all of the time. I will have bad days like others, I will cry when I get frustrated but I always remind myself that others have it way worse than I do and are happy. Then I would stop mopping and get up and do something.
  • I like to dip my fries in ice cream. I am a weirdo do not judge me.
  • My favorite movie would have to be Madagascar by default. If not that The Incredibles, scratch that anything Pixar I love it.
  • I always wanted to be a singer when I got older, to come to the conclusion I sing like a dying whale. No joke, I’m absolute serious.

That is all that I could come up with so far, I hope all of you enjoyed this post. Thanks again to Elm for creating this tag here is the link to her blog:

Elm pretty much tagged everyone, but I’ll just name a few.

  1. Ocean
  2. L
  3. N. Adoma

You have been tagged I hope you all have a chance to do it, If you haven’t been tag just do it anyway. It’s so much fun and I am so happy I got around to doing it. Have an amazing night  ❤

~ Infinity