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It felt like the air was thicker, my heart was pounding in my chest. Our escape was so close yet so far.

“Quick, Mike in my room,” I say looking behind me to see my mother almost hot on my heels.

As soon as Mike and I were safe in my bedroom I locked the door, slowly backing away. I jump at the sound of pounding against my door.

“You stupid little bitch you open this door, now!” my mother exclaimed still banging on the door.

“Never.” I whisper.

I look over at Mike who’s huddled in the corner of my room whimpering. “Don’t worry Mikey.” I say holding him in my arms. “She won’t be able to get us, not anymore.” I didn’t know if I was reassuring him or myself. I sigh wondering if things will ever look up for us. Now that I’m a legal adult the first thing I’m going to do is get full custody of Mike. It’s going to be hard, but I’m always willing to fight for my brother. He deserves so much more than this, if I could give him the world I would.

Once it became dark out I knew my mother would  have given up and go drink so more. I slowly get up to open the door. I peak out to see that my mother was gone. I heard the TV playing downstairs and I knew for sure she was knocked out cold.

“Mike.” I whisper.  His little head lifts up making is blonde curls fall in front of his eyes. “It’s time.” I say again.

Mike walks over to his room and grabbed his barney knapsack and packed as much clothes as he could. I was doing the same, but with a duffle bag. I didn’t own much clothing which was fine for me because I could pack more clothes for Mike. I grabbed some of the extra cash from under my mattress and walked over to Mike who’s eyes was full of hope and fear.

“Ready bud?” I ask

“Yeah, I think so.” he says in a small voice.

“Okay let’s go.”

We slowly walk down the stairs hoping to not make any noise that might wake my mother up.

We make it too the door quickly putting our shoes on. But before we could even walk out the door we hear.

“Please don’t leave me.”

I turn to see my mother her eyes were filled with tears. “Don’t leave me like your father, I promise I’ll quit.” she says trying to make us stay. She has been saying that line for years.

“We gave you too many chances.” I say holding Mike’s hand and walking out the door.

“Please I’m begging you Calpurnia” She yells from the door. “Micheal please babies I need you.” She sobs. I almost felt bad for her, almost. We walked far enough that my mothers voice was slowly drowning out. All that we could hear were the crickets and out foot steps hitting the pavement.

“I hope she gets better.” Mikey says with a single tear rolling down his face.

“I know me too.” I say in a monotone voice. “Me too.”

i don’t even know if there will be a third part. i honestly didn’t think the first one would get as much likes as it got. thanks to those who read it an enjoyed it i guess. i hope you all had a good day and if you had a bad one, don’t worry tomorrow will get better.

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I look up to the sky, my eyes squinting from the bright light of the sun. I take in a long drag of my cigarette letting the nicotine overtakes my senses. Smoking always relieves my stress. After I reached the butt of my cigarette, I drop it on the ground sandwiching it between my converse and the cement.

My body was completely numb at this point. I’ve been walking for hours, the scorching heat burning my skin. It felt like it was going to melt off and all I would just be bones. I didn’t want to go home despite it being my first instinct. I knew it would be too dangerous to go back. My mother the suffering alcoholic, my non-existence father not there to support us it was hard growing up. My 6-year-old brother was still in there, but he’s good at hiding from our raging mother.

I had a plan. I had a plan for the both of us. We can’t keep living this way, we were hurting and the abuse was too much to handle. I muster all the confidence in my body and put it into going back to hell.

Working at the cafe for several years did make me some good money, making me save up enough money to rent an apartment. My mother wasn’t fit to take care of us. No one is in fact.

Even if we were to call the police they wouldn’t do shit. They would just put us in the foster care system and that wasn’t going to happen.

Over my dead body.

I walk to the front porch and open the door. No one ever locks it since my mom is too drunk to even remember we have a lock on our door.

“Calpurnia?” My mother called out stumbling down the stairs.


“Where have you been stupid?” she said with absolute disgust.

I scoff. “I went out you drunk.”

“That’s it you, stupid girl.” She says walking towards me grabbing my hair. I yelp in pain trying to loosen her grip but it was no use.

“I’m sick of you treating me this way.” She says. “No girl should treat their mother with such disrespect!” She spat.

I step on her foot making her let go of my hair and nursing her foot. “You don’t just get respect,” I say. “You have to earn it and believe me, mom, you are nowhere near worth my respect,” I say walking away

“Mike!” I yell.

I rummage through the house looking in every hiding spot he’s ever hiding in. “Mikey!” I yell once more at this point panic rising in my chest.

“Cal, I’m right here.” a little whisper said. I follow the voice to under the couch.  I smile as relief floods through my veins. “Hey buddy,” I say holding my hand out for him. “It’s time.”

Mike immediately knew what I meant because this has been both of our plans. Before Mike could take my hand my hair was yet again was being yanked. “Where do you think you’re going?” My mother said. Her breath was reeking of alcohol. I had to stop myself from gagging.

“We,” I emphasize. “Are getting the hell out of here,” I say before punching her in the stomach buying us enough time to grab our things.

“Mikey go get your things hurry!” I say frantically trailing behind him.

“YOU AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE.” my mother screeched trudging up the stairs, but lucky us she was so drunk she couldn’t see straight.

this story was something. it was very dark i will admit but i just started writing and this is where it lead too. i guess what i’m saying is all of my stories are all starting happy and full of sunshine and roses but the world isn’t always like that. some people’s stories begin horribly like Mike and Calpurnia.  i don’t know if any of you want another part that is totally up to you. you can let me know by commenting or something.

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Hello everybody I hope all of you are having a good afternoon. Today I’m posting a part of a story I wrote on here, but I’ve posted it and deleted it a million times. I do this because this is one story I actually want to continue and make into an actual book someday. I really like the story line and I think you guys might like it as well. I started this I think about two years ago, but I abandon it for a bit because I had no ideas and I just wanted it to be perfect. I love writing it makes me feel better whenever I feel down. I keep rushing it, but I think I might be able to slow it down a bit. I was considering on making a watt pad account for my stories but I don’t think anyone would be down for it. Anyways we’re off topic and I will stop rambling and let you guys get to reading. Enjoy!

Quiet. That’s all I can say about this town, it was quiet when we got there. Everyone is pale, there was this one peculiar woman who looked like she was in her mid-thirties stared at me with her pale eyes and shook her head as if we got into something. “Blaire this is the fifth time I called your name.” said Lydia Jacob. She’s my best friend we recently graduated university. Our plan was to move into a house and live together. I graduated in literature and writing and Lydia graduated in fashion arts and business. As we were driving to our new house, Lydia tapped my shoulder and I jumped. “Whoa, there tiger I’m not going to bite” she said pulling her hand back.

“Sorry I just feel freaked out about this town.” I said shivering. Lydia looked at me with her blue eyes and winked. “Don’t be, yeah the folks are creepy but we will get use to it.” she said . “Who knows maybe we will turn out like them.”  Making zombie groans. We laughed at the thought of it. “Yeah I’m getting all defensive over nothing.” I said feeling a little bit better. “That’s my girl.” she said a happily.

We made to our house, and the first thought that crossed my mind was creepy. “Wow talk about weird and creepy” she walked up beside me as if reading my thoughts. I nodded in agreement. “Well let get our stuff inside.” I said hesitantly. We got inside and everything looked cleaned up and put together like someone was expecting us.

“Hey they cleaned up for us sweet.” Lydia said in excitement and ran in while I was still at the front door. I was thinking if I should make a run for it or stay.  Before I could make any decisions Lydia screamed. I dropped everything and to ran to her.  She was in a room, But there was nothing there she looked fine in fact she was smiling. “Why did you scream?” I asked her trying to slow my heart rate. “I call dibs for this room.” she said jumping on the bed. The room was the biggest room in the house. “I guess I get the room next door.” I sighed. I thought it would be small but actually it was a decent size. I walked in taking in my new bedroom. The bed was a queen size that took most of my room. There was a dresser and a mirror. I looked at myself. My hair is in brown tangled waves and my gray eyes tired from our 5-hour drive. Lydia came skipping in “I like your room better, want to trade?” she asked. I laughed. “No way I like this room.” She stood beside me in front of the mirror her blonde hair bouncing against her shoulders. We grinned at each other. “We are finally adults.” she squealed.

There was a ringing of a phone; I looked at my phone but it wasn’t ringing. “It’s mine.” she stated. She held her phone to her ear.

“Hello?” she asked. She screamed in excitement “ Hey I miss you so much. Yeah it’s amazing here” as she walked away I made a note saying make sure she doesn’t scream while I’m in the room. A couple of hours went by and half my stuff settled and the other half was scattered around my room. While I was worrying about that my stomach growled. “ Hey Lydia you hungry?” I asked poking through the door. “I’m starving.” she giggled. As we were making our way down stairs and stopped to get our sweaters there were footsteps. Lydia and I Looked at each other immediately. “W- we weren’t moving” I stuttered.

I hope all of you enjoyed this part of hidden, if you have any thought just leave them in the comments and feel free to correct anything I did wrong I’d rather have someone tell me then leave it there. 

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~ Infinity


My mom and dad are divorcing, you’d think I’d be sobbing on my bedroom floor asking God why this had to happen to my family but I’m actually cool with it. I mean I’m okay with them splitting up because I’d rather have separated then at each other’s throats. You’re all probably wondering my name, well it’s really none of your business, but hey, you’re reading my story so I might as well tell you.

Hi, my name is Eliza Marie Golding. I am a 17 year old student trying to get through life a day at a time. Too bad it’s not going to be like that. I am not telling you what happens in the first chapter it just ruins the whole atmosphere and the mood I’m putting out so suck it up and leave the narrator to narrate.

“Liza, wake up you’ve got school.” yells my mother.

I groan as I get up to start my day.  I have a routine that I do every morning before school.  I wake up, and by me waking up I mean my mother waking me up, to shower and do all that stuff. I live in London, so I don’t worry about outfits because my school wears uniforms. I guess I got lucky by being born and raised in England and not worrying if my outfit is suitable for school. My hair is another case it’s a hot mess, I have to go through many combs, and brushes to get my hair soft and wavy. Make up is not my thing, but I do put mascara and lip gloss. I grab my book bag and iPod and I head downstairs for breakfast.

“Morning mom.” I say giving her a kiss on the cheek.  

“And good morning to you as well.” She says with a smile.

We usually ate breakfast in silence, and it is as depressing as it sounds. I finish breakfast and I head out for school.  I put my headphones in and start my daily walk to school.  My school is normal, there are no cliques, but there are mean people. Every story must have an antagonist.  There is only one person not a whole group, but just a single person. His name was Rudy Loans.  He torments everyone’s lives and no one has a clue why, he mostly targets me but I never say anything back many reasons being I DON’T WANT TO GET MYSELF KILLED. I think there’s something bothering him, but then again I’m not to make assumptions on other people’s lives.

“Liza, hey wait up,” called out my best friend in the entire world Christian Hale. He has been my best friend since our moms were pregnant with us. I don’t know why he’s still friends with I mean he’s good looking for a tall skinny boy. His hair was dirty blonde, and had dark green eyes.  Very handsome, he’s smart too, and I’m average. I have black hair and eyes. I look like have no soul, but there is one thing Chrish and I have in common we both love school.

“Did you finish the chemistry homework,” he asks pushing up his glasses as we walk down the school hallway. “Of course, that was my distraction,” I said walking over to the side to stop by my locker. He leans to the side. “Are they at it again?” he asks.

“They’ve been at it for years and I don’t know how to react,” I said slamming my locker door and trying to walk away only to be blocked by the one person I was trying to avoid. “Watch it,” Rudy snarled. I mean it he actually snarled at me and it sounded like a rabid dog kind of snarl. “Hey, it was in accident,” says Chrish always to my rescue. “Watch your girlfriend, before she gets hurt,” he threatened. If I wasn’t so scared I probably would have beaten him up into a pulp. Consider my length and weight I will not get far. “What a jerk,” said Chrish. “Are you okay though?” he asks.

I sigh. “It’s nothing I’m not used too.”

School was long, but I made it through the whole day without walking into Rudy, and the morning time was the only time I saw him.  When I got home I expected everything to be quiet, but nope my parents were yelling at each other again. I was done with all of their crap and it need to end. I ran up the stairs and into the war zone.

“You are ruining this family Daniel.” My mom exclaimed with tears flowing down her face. “You’re the one who controls every little move I make; I can’t even look out the window without you making assumptions.” My dad fired back shaking with anger. I’ve seen my parents fight countless times, but this time it was different.  “Our divorce papers are coming soon, and guess what I am taking full custody of Eliza.” My mother said and that’s when my father lost it. “You have taken everything from me, I gave up everything for you and you decide to take away the one thing that is right in my life? This time Josy I’m making my own moves and we will see who has full custody of Liza.” He said fuming with anger it almost looks like his eyes were glowing, but then again my dads were bright blue.

“You both are the worst parents ever.” I whisper tears streaming down my face. My parents both look at me with shocked faces, I’m assuming they didn’t know I was standing right there. “How much did you hear?” asked my mother.

“All of it.” I said.

“You both are so selfish.” I say wiping my face. I look at my father, sorrow filled his eyes. My mom on the other hand looked dead inside. “Until the divorce papers come in, try and not yell at each other because you both don’t understand you keep me up at night.” I turned around and walked off into my bedroom locking the door.  That was the first time I ever said something to my parents when they were fighting, and I really hope it was the last.

That’s part 1 guys, I really hope you enjoyed this and if you did let me know by leaving a comment or something. I’ll catch you all later


What’s Happening, So Far

Hello everybody,

I hope all of you are having an amazing day, or night depending where you are. Today I wanted to tell you that I have, yet again reset one of my categories short stories. There is absolutely nothing there at the moment, only because I wasn’t happy with what I was writing. I know some of you liked my Christmas story, but I didn’t really plan anything for it.

Though I do have a story in mind, and I’ve been working on it for quite a while, like a year or two while. I know that seems like a lot, but honestly some writers take years to get one book done. I’m shocked most of them have done almost 13 books (Cassandra Cass my hero). I wish I was as determined as they are, but how could I possibly write an entire book I can barely write a paragraph for a blog post.

Writing stuff is hard especially looking at now I don’t think any of my creativity as actually good. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not happy with my work, and I feel like a writer should. I don’t know why I’m ranting right know, I was hoping to save this for another post, but it looks like I’ve written way to much already.

Anyways I missed reading all of your posts, and commenting and stuff I hope to come back soon. Thanks for the follows, likes, and comments all of those things make me smile when I wake up in the morning.

Well I guess that’s it for my announcement/rant, thanks for stopping by!

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